About Tyler

Tyler StroebelI am an acupuncturist, reverend, business owner, wife, and mother of two amazing kids. So, basically I am a professional juggler.  I am incredibly fortunate to be able to offer my acupuncture services from my home office, allowing me more time to heal others, to mother my children, and to take care of myself too.  I understand first hand how challenging life can be and how there never seems to be enough time in the day.  I became an acupuncturist because it feeds me to help others, I am fascinated by energy and the unseen, I have witnessed extraordinary healing with Chinese Medicine, and acupuncture needles are cool.

Here are my stats:

* For the last 15 years owned and operated Mountain Acupuncture Clinic

* Reverend Tyler Stroebel from the Church of Inner Light

* Nationally certified and state licensed acupuncturist

* Bachelors degree in psychology

* Masters degree, Summa Cum Laude, in Traditional Oriental Medicine at ECTOM in Los Angeles, CA

* Clinical studies completed at UCLA Student Arthur Ashe and Wellness Center, Cry Help substance abuse facility, and ECTOM community based clinic

* Extended studies include holistic allergy elimination practice, a mentorship in orthopedics, and a specialization in sports medicine.


Have questions?

You can reach Tyler at  720-201-3817 OR  tyler@mountainacupunctureclinic.com