In House Treatments

Acupuncture Treatments- $75

Allergy Treatments- $75

Pre-paid Package- $650 for 10 treatments (these do not expire)

Long Distance Treatments

Long Distance Healing- $75

Long Distance Follow up Healing- $50


In the 14 years I have been practicing Chinese medicine, I am in awe of the healing power of acupuncture. I have also witnessed that healing comes in many forms. For example, the connection and conversation between patient and practitioner is incredibly healing, as is the room itself in its permission to unwind, relax, and restore. My path is clear in that I am here to facilitate healing, and along my path I have discovered many patients need financial assistance in order to receive treatments. So, if this applies to you, then simply pay what you can!


You can reach Tyler at  720-201-3817 OR